Zero Turn Mowers

E.A. Nelson Company, Inc. offers a large selection of Zero-Turn mowers from Bad Boy Mowers & Walker Mowers.  To learn more on the available mowers that we have, click on the links below for more information.  As always, if you have questions, call us at 256-766-0356 and we will be glad to help.


Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers' exclusive EZ-Ride System, with patented independent front and rear rubber compression shocks, allows you to mow faster over uneven terrain for longer periods. Standard on our Diesel and Outlaw XP zero turn commercial mowers, and coupled with our multi-adjustable seats, you have to feel this ride. The deck glides more evenly over the mowing surface for an even more manicured look and you’ll feel the difference at the end of the day.

You can gauge the strength of a mower by the gauge of its steel construction. Our core strength is in our frame: FOUR, 11 gauge 2" x 2" steel rails form the Bad Boy’s framework. In addition to its rugged frame, our reinforced ductile iron front fork assembly is lighter and stronger. We boast the industry’s strongest deck, made from solid welded 1/4" steel, and built to last a lifetime. You just won't find a mower built stronger to last longer.

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Walker Mowers

The Walker Mower was designed to meet a need, not to fill a market. No focus groups or market surveys were conducted. Simply put, Walker Mowers are built to mow landscaped properties efficiently while leaving a gentle footprint and beautifully cut turf behind. This is what we do here at Walker; this is what our people pour their lives into; this is what we are known for in the power equipment industry.

A passion of ours at Walker Manufacturing is a beautiful cut on finished turf. Striping is done naturally without the use of a roller wheel, and the clean cut is achieved by design, not by gimmick.

Among zero-turn mowers, the Walker out front deck is one-of-a-kind because the deck is truly independent of the tractor. With true deck suspension, it floats and flexes over the turf and easily follows ground contours. The result? Less scalping and a clean, manicured finish. Because the weight of the deck is transferred to the drive wheels, there is less surface pressure on the deck caster wheels, which means reduced impact on the turf - producing a beautifully striped lawn.

In the crowded commercial lawn mower market, one of the things that sets the Walker Mower apart is its Beautiful Cut.

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